Message from the Dean

For those who wish to gain entrance to the School of Health Sciences, Niigata University

The School of Health Sciences, Niigata University, started in October 1999. It devolved from the College of Biomedical Technology of Niigata University that was established in July 1974 and finished its mission in March 2003. In its long history of twenty-eight years and ten months, 3,862 students graduated and 496 students completed their course of Midwifery. Most of them are at present engaged in the medical profession as nurses, midwives, radiological technicians and clinical laboratory technologists not only in Niigata prefecture but also in the prefectures of Tohoku and Hokuriku as well as the metropolitan areas. Our school is very proud of the substantial support by our alumnae, and the fine tradition and history of medical excellence inherited from the former College of Biomedical Technology.

Our school is a part of the Faculty of Medicine of Niigata University. The University fosters an interdisciplinary cooperative atmosphere among the various faculties and departments, enabling us to provide opportunities for our students to acquire a good all-round education. Furthermore, students are able to learn the cooperation to work as a medical staff because they receive their practical training in the same hospital with students of the School of Medicine. We think this is an elemental environment in which we can effectively educate students who will in future be engaged as medical personnel practicing the concepts of holistic medicine and collaborating with various medical professionals.

The School of Health Sciences aims to strengthen the system of support to the study and research, and is committed to the enhancement of educational environment and welfare facilities for students. We welcome students with interest in human welfare and will to serve others in the fields of medical practice and human’s health.


Professor Mitsuya Iwafuchi
Dean of the School of Health Sciences
Niigata University

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