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Welcome to the website of Niigata University School of Medicine!

For all of you who apply for the Department of Health
The Department of Health is located on the Asahimachi campus of Niigata University, and is divided into three majors: Nursing, Radiation Technology, and Laboratory Technology.

The history of the Department of Health started with the establishment of the Niigata Medical School’s Midwife School in Meiji 14 (1881); the Niigata University College of Medical Technology, which was its predecessor in 1974; and the current three majors in 1999 It is set up as a fourth grade department and comprises a medical school together with a medical department. While continuing the long history of more than a century, we are developing human resources who can be active in Japan and abroad and take leadership as medical professionals who respond to the times. In 2004, a master’s program at the Graduate School of Health Sciences was established, and in 2007, a doctoral program at the Graduate School of Health Sciences was established. Aiming for further development.

All three majors spend their first year at the Igarashi campus, studying liberal arts subjects and some specialty subjects, and through circle activities and other activities, students of various faculties and a variety of other people expand their circles of communication with people and develop a rich humanity. From the second year onwards, you will study specialized subjects in each major at the Asahimachi campus. After learning the structure and function of the human body, you will learn about various diseases and conditions, and acquire the knowledge and skills as professionals in each major. In Asahicho, we have exchanges with medical schools and dentists on the same campus through classes and extracurricular activities, and what we should do as a medical professional and what we need to learn to practice team medicine. We have an environment where we can think together and work hard together. The Department of Health also focuses on international exchange, such as studying abroad with the University of Peradenia (Sri Lanka) and short-term study abroad at McMaster University (Canada) to develop human resources who can flourish around the world in the future. I am aiming.

At Niigata University School of Medicine, as a nurse, public health nurse, midwife, medical radiologist, or clinical laboratory technician, you want to protect and support people’s lives and health. I sincerely welcome you.


Professor Yu Koyama
Dean of the School of Health Sciences
Niigata University

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